Unity is a Rare Thing (xtraptinlifex75) wrote in s0__c0ld,
Unity is a Rare Thing

I havent updated in this here community it quite a while. Lets just say...my new addiction.... DDR!!!All thanks to Jenson. God I wanna kill her for this
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all this about dancing drunk retards wants me to stomp my feet on flashing arrows 0_0

goddamn..it accually sounds fun now
trust me its fun. you ash cayla and mallory should come over sometime and play it with me!!! :D
ahhh...it SHALL be done.

even if i WAS addicted...I would never admit it. :X
woo hoo. DDR party at Jennys house!!!! Count me in:-D
how bout your house? then we can bring both mats!!! :D :D
Sounds good to me...Just let me know when so I can ask my maja....Hopefully she will let us after Sammy breaking that one thing and her going bilistic