Oh, the Horror! (macabre_vampire) wrote in s0__c0ld,
Oh, the Horror!

Hey everyone guess what??!!

Hagrid: I found Harry Potter Sir, he was asleep in some place...
Dumbldore: Thank you Hagrid **looks into Blanket**
Dumbledore: This is a Potato Hagrid...
hagrid: Uh...No it's not.
Dumbledore: Yes, Hagrid. Clearly you wrapped a potato into a blanket and drew a scar on it...
Hagrid: No I didn't...
Dumbledore: *Eats potato* Thank you for Lunch my friend, but we need Harry.

:-) So I changed it a bit...SO WHAT!!?? Now I want a potato...stupid magician people with beards...How come everyone in that movie has a beard? TELL ME

::Cough:: Obviously I was bored ::Cough::
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