.:lOsT.nEvEr.To.bE.fOuNd:. (tyrstaindcheeks) wrote in s0__c0ld,

i like the fact that we hav ethis comm. buti dont no wat 2 say so ill start updating when school starts.
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Just post Dumbldore Eating a potato which is REALLY Harry potter...Seriously. If I was Voldermort, I would change Harry Potter into a Potato and send the Baby potato to some Obese person and watch as they mercilessly devoured poor Harry Potato.... :-( Yeah...I would do that. Or I'd just eat the potato myself, but what if harry potato came into my conscious and started telling me It was wrong to eat him? I'd say, "I can't help it, I like potatos! if you were celery or something I would've just thrown you out, but then you just HAPPENED TO BE A POTATO!!!" God, he just doesn't understand!!! Anyways, I wonder what David Boreanaz would do?! HEy I just thought of something!!! What if I accidently sent to potato to a VAMPIRE?! A vampire wouldn't eat Harry Potato so what would happen? WOuld a vampire send the vegetable to a Mortal/Human friend? or a Demon or something? Damn, now I'm deep in though about potatos and Vampires...I need some tea and a good vampire book....

-Cayla ::Who is very confused::