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ok, alex tol dme that amanda was flirting with him n junk, staring at him, smiling at him, telling him she liked him, saying she wanted 2 go out with him. so of course i imed her. i barley even used foul language, i would od this straight 2 her but she signed off so i am just gunna post it in here. i wonder what shell think now.

badguirlsrbetter: excuse me but he asked me if i liked him and i didnt lie i saied yes and i dont no y ur mad at me

Auto response from sorowlesdeath: away sumwhere

with some one

bb- sum time

im fat- sebastian says so

badguirlsrbetter: and just to let you no im not preppy cazz i hate preps
---o.k. hunni look at ur clohes, look at ur aditude im not one to lable but i no u and i can say that you are a PREP!
badguirlsrbetter: ooo and u prolly dont no what i mean about bad guirl no im not goth im punk and iv had sex 11 times thats what i ment and i like it that way
---o.k. who said punks and goths r bad? who gives u the right to make that type of steryo type? i no ur not bad bcuz as soon as sum1 calls u out on something ur quick to say "i dont mean ne thing, i wanna b friends" and thats something to be proud of.... did u tell ur mother that to? 12 and have had sex 11 times. hunni premarital sex will get you NO points with me.
badguirlsrbetter: yeah i never ment for you to get mad at me and i dont no whare u got the idea that i wazz going out with him cazzi knew you were and i would never do that to a friend and i think u are my frined but tell me if you arent so i wont try to be i just like alex as a friend and not really any thing elese im sorry if ur mad at me cazz i had no intention on hurting you
---i didnt have the idea you were going out with alex, he told me what you were doing as soon as you started doin it and baby he told me, cuz he loves me, and he dont like it. (sry if i wasnt supose 2 tell her that alex) and how oculd u think of me as a friend when i have only tlked 2 u once, at which point u were liking on my cousin who by the way is like a brother to me, way to digg that whole a little deeper.
badguirlsrbetter: ur my guirl mal and u always will b
i am niot ur gurl. im no ones girl BESIDES alex's... and i dont even kniw you
badguirlsrbetter: you no me cazz of the way i am in skool and well you dont no me when im with outher peeps like josh noble and outher peeps i am a bad guirl when it comes to doing bad stuff and i am a dare devil adn you no if i could id dress in all blask like you do but unfortunatly my parants wont let me
--- ok spinless, first of all dressing in black has NOTHING to do with being good and bad. and you think my parents didnt try 2 stop me? another point off ur supposed bad girl list and right now ur like at a negitive forty
badguirlsrbetter: but i hope that we can still be frineds
--- I DONT KNOW YOU!!! look i try 2 b nice to most ppl but there a couple things that push it for me, ppl who lable goth, punk, freak, ppl who act like they no me when they dont, ppl who try to get with alex, ppl who say there sumthing there not (bad for instince), and sluts with no self respect. uve crossed all the lines.
badguirlsrbetter: love ya like a sista --- amanda mason im me latter
badguirlsrbetter: p.s remember last year when i liked ur cuz lol
--- yeah thats gunna help a whole bunch. (sarcasim)
badguirlsrbetter: see ya

sleeping around at all is wrong but at ur age? that doesnt make u bad, that doesnt make u ne thing but a slut. and i no ur not bad bcuz of the ppl i no who no u outside of school. i dont judge ppl like u do.

and if u ever say that punks, or goths r the bad ones r again i wont hold back from telling the nonconformest at school. and im ALOT nicer then them.

if i ever hear u say those labels again, ill report u 2 the conclers office for prejiduice, cuz thats what it is.

by the way- whatta wanna b. she says she wants 2 b a goth then whats she saying, my gurl, my sista? wtf... do u even no who u wanna b?

and i prollly wouldnt even b doin this if u hadnt lied to me... bad move for mason.

ur hole is now nine millon ten thousand six hundred and fifty six feet deep and about a hundred feet wide. and amanda, ur only six inches tall right now... how r u gunna get out of this one?
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