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hahah read this

Vampyric Freeze: Row row row your Boat gently down the stream. Fairly fairly fairly fairly Knife will make my scene
Vampyric Freeze: Ah that's what bordom does to meh
xMiDiAnx2012: haha
xMiDiAnx2012: thats good though
xMiDiAnx2012: you can be an mc with doz ryhmes
Vampyric Freeze: Hell ya fo'sho dawg. Imma bust tho'e rhymes like ya aint eva seen befo
Vampyric Freeze: I have a Question for ya....what does MC stand for?
xMiDiAnx2012: *dies trying to read that
xMiDiAnx2012: mic cockmaster?
xMiDiAnx2012: accally i dont know
Vampyric Freeze: Hm yes, makes sense
xMiDiAnx2012: i know it means some kind of rapper
Vampyric Freeze: I kno that.....but MC? What do it stand for?
Vampyric Freeze: LMMFao.
xMiDiAnx2012: MCrapperman
Vampyric Freeze: Lmmfao
xMiDiAnx2012: they serve the most gheto burgers
Vampyric Freeze: Oh yes. Ge-hetto Burgers
xMiDiAnx2012: hahhahwmwjhwhahhahahaha
Vampyric Freeze: hm.....
xMiDiAnx2012: african fries
xMiDiAnx2012: not french
Vampyric Freeze: rofl
xMiDiAnx2012: but african
xMiDiAnx2012: nigga rings
Vampyric Freeze: lmao, you're fuckin hilarious, serious
Vampyric Freeze: ly
xMiDiAnx2012: hhaah
xMiDiAnx2012: chicken mcniggets
Vampyric Freeze: ha ha ha Im still laughing
xMiDiAnx2012: and thanks
Vampyric Freeze: lol, copy that down somewhere and paste it un ur lj, lmmfao
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